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Proceeds from new book to support independent media

Every purchase of the new mystery novel American Fascism will result in a donation to media sites that expose the far right, said author Gary Engler.

“Two dollars from every eBook and a dollar from every paperback purchased on Amazon will be donated to websites such as The InterceptCommon DreamsCounterPunchDissident VoiceRicochetPassageThe Tyee and others,” said Engler, who was a B.C. Media Union (Unifor Local 2000) elected representative, as well as a long-time journalist at the Vancouver Sun. “It’s so important to shine a light on fascists, racists, misogynists and other elements of the extreme right. As was evident from events of January 6, 2021, in Washington, they have infiltrated the mainstream right and pose a serious risk to our already flawed democratic systems.”

American Fascism is the fourth book in the FAKE NEWS series, which is about a Vancouver journalist who exposes various elements of the far right in the time of Donald Trump, so it is appropriate that a significant proportion of the novel’s proceeds go to help build the independent media, said Engler.

“We need journalists to tell the truth about what is happening in the world,” he said. “Without that how can any sort of democracy exist?

“Unfortunately, a growing part of the media today appears to be Trump-infested far right organizations that care not at all about journalism ethics, science or even verifiable truth itself. People who support democracy, and wish to see it expanded rather than destroyed, must support truth tellers and the media outlets that give them voice.” 

The book will be released on Amazon June 1.

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